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This article will show you how to use user generated content in advertisements

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Introduction to UGC DPA

Our User Generated Content (UGC) Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) feature simplifies the process of incorporating UGC into your Facebook, Criteo or ads, replacing traditional white-background product images with authentic content from your customers. In this guide, we'll walk you through the basics of UGC DPA and how to set it up.

UGC DPA is a feature that transforms your product catalog into an XML feed filled with UGC, ideal for dynamic product ads on Facebook, Criteo, and

How UGC DPA works

  1. Gather content: Start by collecting UGC from your social media channels using Flowbox. Request and obtain rights to use this content in your ads and ensure that the relevant products are assigned to the posts.

  2. Customize your feed: Select your existing product feed and apply your desired rules and settings within Flowbox to create the UGC DPA feed. The resulting feed will be filled with UGC content, ready to use in your ads.

  3. Import the feed: Import your newly generated feed into the advertising platform's manager (e.g. Facebook Commerce Manager).

  4. Launch the campaign: With your feed in place, you're all set to launch your UGC DPA campaign.

The UGC DPA feed can be as large or specific as you want - but it's important that the product identifier matches the chosen identifiers in your primary catalog.

Step-by-step guide

Follow these steps to create a UGC DPA feed:

  1. Log into Flowbox, navigate to the 'Distribution' menu, and select the 'UGC DPA' tab.

  2. Click 'Generate Catalog' and follow the instructions.

  3. Provide a suitable name for your catalog (e.g., 'Retargeting Sweden'), choose the target channel, and insert your original RSS XML/CSV feed URL that you want to use as a base for the UGC DPA feed. Note that you can only add one catalog at a time.

  4. Configure the desired settings according to your preferences and click on 'Next'.

  5. Wait a few minutes for the feed to be generated, then copy and paste the link into the advertising platform's manager to import it.

  6. Launch your campaign.

Additional tips

You can create multiple UGC DPA catalogs for different campaign types, such as prospecting or retargeting, and for specific regions.

The ideal product coverage varies based on your industry, products, and campaign goals. UGC DPA catalogs will only replace product images with UGC if they've been tagged with the relevant product.

Pro tip: Check your product coverage in Insights: Commerce, and assess UGC DPA-specific product coverage for each catalog.

For more detailed instructions on the settings of the UGC DPA feed, take a look at the following articles:

Troubleshoot errors

If you experience any issues after creating a UGC DPA feed in your Flowbox account, this guide helps you troubleshoot the most common problems that you may encounter:

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