Implement Email Flows in Salesforce

How to implement our Email Flows when using Salesforce

Written by Davy Laudet
Updated over a week ago

If you're working with Salesforce, this guide will show you how to embed your Flowbox Flows in your emails to enhance your campaigns.

First of all, if you're not familiar with how to set up an email Flow, it's a good idea to read this general article first.

  1. Select an email template in the 'Overview'.

  2. Click on ‘Edit’ in the upper right corner, then select ‘Content’.

  3. Go to ‘Blocks’.

  4. Select the HTML element under ‘Basic Content’ and drag and drop it into your email template.

6. Once inside of the code block, go to Flowbox and collect the HTML from the Flow you want to implement. Paste the Flowbox HTML in the HTML-box in Salesforce.

7. Click on ‘Save’.

8. Your Email Flow should now be visible in the email!

  • Make sure that you have set the width of the Flow in Flowbox to use ‘%’ instead of ‘px’ to make it responsive.

  • If anything is not inlined, double-check the settings on your email template.

  • Go to our general Flow in Email article if you need help setting up your email Flow.

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