Follow these steps to create an email specific flow! 

  1. Select a flow you want to embed into an email. We recommend creating a whole new "Email flow". 
  2. Distribute the posts you want to your new flow. 
  3. Go to the new flow and open Setup&Styling.
  4. In the left hand styling menu, there is a new setting called 'Email'. Toggle it on.
  5. Style the flow as you desire using the columns and rows. 


Select how many rows and columns you want in your Email Flow.

  • Width can be set with both pixels (px) and a percentage (%) value. We recommend using '100%' as it will make the Email Flow responsive.

The following settings will only work on the Static versions of the Email Flow,

  • Large Image Layout
  • Show Username
  • Show Product Name
  • Show Product Price

Want the images to be linked? 

  • Chose 'First product (Static)' if you want the images to be directly linked to the first product tagged to the post.
  • Chose 'Custom CTA (Static)' if you want the images to be linked to any Custom CTA button attached to the post.
  • Chose 'All to same URL (Dynamic)' if you want all of the images to be linked to the same URL (Fallback URL). This version of the Email Flow will also update with any newly distributed posts.

Copy the HTML

  1. When you're done styling the flow, go back to the Main Menu of Setup&Styling.
  2. Scroll down to 'Embed Codes'.
  3. Click on the 'Email' tab. 
  4. Copy the HTML code and paste it into your email. 

And you're done! 

Email client support

We are currently missing support for the following email clients:

IBM Notes 9, Lotus Notes, Android 6.0

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