You can whitelist Instagram users in Flowbox. This means that all of the content collected from these profiles will get the label 'Whitelisted'.

The benefit of using Whitelisted Users is that you won't need to send any Rights Requests on these posts.

This is a useful feature if you have collaborations with content creators and influencers.

How to whitelist a user

1. In the main menu, under 'Moderate', click on 'Whitelisted Users'.

2. Click on the blue button 'Add User'.

3. Fill in the user's Instagram handle and email address (if applicable).

4. Click on 'Add' to save.

5. Done! Your whitelisted user will now be saved.

Remove a whitelisted user

If you need to remove a whitelisted user, this is not a problem. Simply click on the meatball (three-dot) menu next to the user, and in the drop-down menu click on 'Remove'.

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