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What does whitelisted users mean and how does it work?

Written by Davy Laudet
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You can whitelist Instagram users in Flowbox. This means that content collected from these profiles will get the label 'Whitelisted' and you won't need to send any Rights Requests on these posts.

This is a useful feature if you have collaborations with content creators and influencers.

It's important that you have received consent from the account owner and that they are aware you obtain the right to re-distribute all future posts that are collected by Flowbox.

How to whitelist a user?

1. In the Flowbox dashboard, select 'Visual Marketing'.

2. Under the 'Moderate' section, click 'Whitelisted Users'.

3. Click the 'Add User' button.

4. Provide the user's Instagram handle and email address (if applicable).

5. Click 'Add' to save the information.

Please note: Due to changes in the Instagram API, we can no longer verify whether the provided username exists or is correct. Therefore, it's extra important to ensure you have the correct username.

How to collect content from whitelisted users?

  • If you add a user to your whitelist, any posts collected from that user after adding them will be marked as 'Whitelisted.' However, any older content collected from the same user before adding them to the whitelist won't have the 'Whitelisted' label.

  • In order for Flowbox to collect the whitelisted user's post, they need to be using your designated photo tag or @mention. If they only use the designated hashtag, the content will be collected but not added as whitelisted.

Auto-tag posts by username

The auto-tagging by username feature in Flowbox automatically adds the username of the whitelisted Instagram account as tags to their posts. This makes it easier to organize content and set up dynamic tag flows for showcasing specific content creators or influencers.

To activate this feature, please get in touch with your designated Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Once you've added your whitelisted users and you tag posts with their usernames, you can create a Dynamic Tag Flow based on influencers/content creators like how fashion brand ZEB has done with their #ZEBSquad.

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