Implementing UGC DPA in Criteo

Let user generated content in your dynamic product ads take you to the next level

Written by Davy Laudet
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If you're new to UGC DPA, please read our introduction to UGC DPA to learn more about this feature.

If you are advertising through Criteo, you have the opportunity to generate a UGC DPA feed to unlock your potential with user-generated content in their advertising space too.

This article explains how to grant Criteo access to your Facebook Business Manager in order to run dynamic product ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Set up your UGC DPA catalog for Criteo

1. Log in to Flowbox and click on the 'Commerce' menu and click the 'UGC DPA' tab.

2. Click on 'Generate Catalog' and follow the instructions.

3. Type an appropriate name for the catalog (e.g. Criteo catalog), select Criteo as your channel, and insert your original RSS XML/CSV feed you want modified.

4. Apply the desired settings, according to your wishes and click on 'Next'. You will now see a link to your feed, which you can copy to your clipboard.

Create your dynamic product ads in Criteo

1. Log in to your Criteo account.

2. Import your Flowbox UGC product catalog to Criteo.

4. To create dynamic ads, go to the 'Creatives section' of 'Management Center' and click on 'Create Ad.'
5. Choose a name and the ad set for your new dynamic ads. You can also add a description.
6. From there, select the ad type called dynamic ads. Click 'Continue' and in a few moments, the project will be created.
7. Now you are ready to customize your ads. Upload your logo and select the format, color, font, and other details that you’d like to include.

8. Success! Your dynamic product ads will now incorporate your UGC images.

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