Is it possible to convert images to WebP or AVIF format instead of jpeg?

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering responsive, optimized images throughout our Flows. Images are now served, lazy loaded and in the modern webP format. This means that they are optimized to serve the best size for your customers' device type, screen size, and resolution. You can read more about how we're optimizing Flows here.

How do I avoid duplicate posts being collected in Flowbox?

In order to avoid duplicates in the system, we recommend only connecting a source to one Flow, such as your Masterflow, and then distributing the posts to other Flows.

Do YouTube videos autoplay in a Flow?

Unfortunately, Youtube videos cannot be set to autoplay in a Flow.

I'm unable to add a new source to Flowbox, what can I do?

If you are seeing an error message when trying to add a new source, it is possible that you have reached your maximum. The amount of sources available to collect from is based on your pricing plan. If you want to add this more sources, get in touch to discuss upgrade options.

Why didn't my Rights Request go through, even though the customer replied with my hashtag?

This could be due to a few different things. Firstly, double-check that your Instagram account hasn't been disconnected. If it has been, you will need to reconnect it and then manually approve this post.

If the post has been 'pending' for too long, then Flowbox will delete the post.

It is our recommendation to include both a hashtag and a @mention in your Rights Request message, in order for the content to be collected.

The Rights Request function isn't working in Chrome, what can I do?

If the Rights Request isn't automatically showing in the comment field, you may need to paste it in. Press 'CTRL+V' (or '⌘+V' for Mac) and the text should now appear.
You can read more in this article.

If I send multiple Rights Requests at once, how will I know which order they will show up in?

Posts in Flowbox are always displayed in order of 'most recent' unless you have enabled our AI algorithm Flowscore to automatically sort content based on engagement.

As an example - you see 2 posts in your inbox, Post A and Post B.

  • Post A was originally posted online yesterday.

  • Post B was shared online in the last hour.

You send Rights Requests to both posts. Assuming both say #Yes, even if Post A replies after Post B, Post B will always show up first in your Flow(s).


Can I link Flowbox to my Google Analytics account?

Unfortunately, Flowbox is not integrated with Google Analytics.


Does Flowbox support commas in pricing, for example, we list our prices as €11,44 not €11.44?

Yes! The price is passed as a string from the backend. The Format Currency function displays the price in whatever format it has been designated in the backend.

How often is the Product Catalog updated?

Catalogs are automatically updated 4-6 times per day by Flowbox, which ensures your stock is always up-to-date. You can always log into Flowbox and manually update your catalog whenever you want.

Why can't I select "out of stock" products when tagging content?

Product data are imported into Flowbox even if they have the value ‘out of stock’ in the availability field. If you are using a feed provider, make sure they don’t have a rule in the system that excludes out of stock products.

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