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Written by Davy Laudet
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Is it possible to clear all old messages in Engage Inboxes, to start fresh? If so, how long would that take?

We recommend deleting all Inboxes and setting them up again to get a clean slate in Engage.

Does Flowbox support YouTube and/or WhatsApp in Engage?

Unfortunately, Flowbox does not support these channels in Engage at the moment.


Why didn't my Rights Request go through, even though the customer replied with my hashtag?

This could be because of a few things. Firstly, double-check that your Instagram account hasn't been disconnected. If it has been, you will need to reconnect it and then manually approve this post.
If the post has been 'pending' for too long, then Flowbox will delete the post.

It is our recommendation to include both a hashtag and a @mention in your Rights Request message, in order for the content to be collected.

The Rights Request function isn't working in Chrome, what can I do?

If the Rights Request isn't automatically showing in the comment field, you may need to paste it in. Press 'CTRL+V' (or '⌘+V' for Mac) and the text should now appear.
You can read more in this article.

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