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Collect UGC, tag your products and create an inspirational Pinterest Flow

Written by Davy Laudet
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With Flowbox, you can create shoppable Flows made up of content collected from and posted to Pinterest.

How to set up a Shoppable Pinterest Flow in 6 easy steps

1. Set up a designated Flow and collect content from Pinterest. Remember, you can collect both content posted by your Profile and content posted to a specific Board.

3. Apply our customizable styling options to your Flow, to make it stand out.

4. Add a banner to your Flow to explain what this is. We recommend including your Pinterest board, for example: 'We love seeing you enjoy our products. Post your images to our Pinterest board and use the hashtag #LoveCompany to be featured here'.

5. Embed your Pinterest Flow on your website, perhaps on a special Inspiration Page?

6. Watch your community grow and remember to track the results in Website Analytics!

Dynamic Product Ads

You can also run Dynamic Product Ads on Pinterest by setting up our UGC DPA feature and working with our technology partners to distribute these ads.

Contact us for information about how to get started.

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