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See how to make your Dynamic Product Flows more relevant and performant through category-based content and fallback Flow

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As described in our main article Implementing and embedding a Dynamic Product Flow, Flowbox enables you to automatically match the content displayed on your product pages Flows based on the product’s reference chosen in the script.

For this reason, Dynamic Product Flows are usually the best performing Flows. The two features detailed in this article will help you to easily increase your product Flow results by multiplying cross-sells and increasing product discovery.

Category sequences set up

Right after the exact-matching content based on the product id, you can (and should) choose to show other relevant content in your product Flows. That way, customers can get inspired with content tagged with similar products from the same category – based on your product feed.

To set this up, you’ll need to navigate to the settings of your Dynamic Product Flow. To access the Advanced menu, you first need to enter a product into the preview screen. Then click on 'Advanced'. in the menu below to begin configuration.

Configuring category sequences

The first part allows you to customize sequences of content that will be served, in their respective order, after the product-specific content – based on the fields in the product catalog.

For example, perhaps you want content tagged with products that have the same color and brand as the main product (exact match) served as the first sequence and then content tagged with products with the same product type served as the second sequence. Everything is possible since it’s fully customizable, how you structure and build your product catalog is the only limitation.

When enabled and configured, this feature will auto-magically push content in your dynamic product Flows from the same category of product, so that your Flows are always filled with relevant content. Even if you are missing some exact-matching pieces of content, the Flow will always be completed. This way, you can encourage cross-selling and multiply product discovery.

See below examples of clients that have activated this feature:

Note: Make sure that the fields you select exist in your product catalog and are structured in a way that you prefer.

Check out this video to see all the steps to set up sequences for your Dynamic Product Flow.

Fallback Flow

After or instead of the category-based content, you can pick a Flow from your Flowbox account to be used as a fallback Flow. This means that this Flow will appear within every dynamic product Flow, right after the exact-matching content OR right after the category-matching content (if enabled).

This fallback Flow can be any of the Flows you have created in your account. Our recommendation is to either pick your homepage Flow – as it should display the best quality content – or, a dedicated Flow with content serving your fallback purpose.

For instance, you can push a custom post in your fallback Flow and engage with your customers to post more content using your # and @.

See the example of Junkyard below:

And Petsplace with no more than 4 custom posts in their fallback Flow:

Number of matches

Last but not least, you can set a number of matches in case you want your Dynamic Product Flow to be hidden in case there are less than X product-specific pieces of content. However, our experience and statistics say that showcasing fallback content with either similar products or the best content from a specific Flow is always better than showing nothing.

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