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Logging in for the first time to Flowbox
Logging in for the first time to Flowbox

This article provides you instructions on how to initially log in to Flowbox.

Written by Davy Laudet
Updated over a week ago

Welcome email

Once your account is set up – or you have received an invite from a co-worker – you will receive an email to confirm your email address and to create your password. Click on the 'Confirm my email' button to login and verify your details.

Exploring the platform

Once you are logged in to Flowbox, you will be directed to the Home page, where you will find an overview of your ongoing activities on the platform as well as some recommendations to improve your performance.

In the left-hand side menu, you will be able to access all sections of Flowbox:

    • In this section you can create and edit the Flow(s). Within each Flow you will collect the content, moderate it, adding tags and products, and finally distribute it to any other Flow.

    • In the ‘Engage’ section, you will be able to send and manage rights requests for the collected content. Furthermore, you will be able to manage social conversations around your brand in personalized inboxes.

    • This section allows you to plan, create, schedule and publish posts to any of your connected social media accounts through the platform.

    • In the ‘Library’ section you will organize all of your visual content within folders. You will have the capability to synchronize both the folders and their contents directly with Facebook Ads Manager, enabling you to utilize them in your social advertising campaigns.

    • In the 'Settings' section, you can manage your account configurations. This includes the capacity to add, modify, or remove users and their associated roles within the platform. Additionally, you can link your social media accounts from this section. Lastly, you will find relevant company information.

This video, part of the Flowbox Academy collection, provides instructions on how to set up your account.


A support channel is accessible on the platform through the chat icon located in the bottom right-hand corner. This channel allows/enables you to interact with a technical support agent and ask your questions.

Additionally, there is a searchable library of articles available in our help center.

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