We want your experience with Flowbox to be as smooth as possible from the beginning.

Welcome email

Once your account is set up – or you have received an invite from a colleague – you will receive an email to confirm your email address and to set your password. Click the 'Confirm my email' button to log in and verify your details.

Exploring the platform

When you log into Flowbox, you always land in the Visual Marketing area. This is where you'll collect and moderate your content before distributing it to your marketing channels.

In the main menu on the left-hand side, you'll be able to access all the Flowbox features:

  • Visual Marketing

    • Create and style visual galleries (Flows). Collect, moderate, tag, and distribute your content to your channels.

  • Engage

    • Manage all social conversations around your brand in customized inboxes. Send and manage Rights Requests for content.

  • Publish

    • Plan, create, schedule, and publish content to your social channels via Flowbox.

  • Library

    • Store all your visual content in organized folders in the Flowbox digital asset management system. Sync folders and content directly to Facebook Ads Manager for use in social advertising campaigns.

  • Settings

    • Manage your user, company and security settings, as well as connect your social accounts to Flowbox.

This video from the Flowbox Academy collection is jampacked with helpful tips on how to set up your account.


We have a dedicated support channel available in the platform. Simply click on the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner, to chat with a technical support agent and ask your questions.

There is also a fully searchable library of articles available in our help center.

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