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Website Analytics

Why am I not seeing any numbers at the top of my Conversion dashboard?

If you get the error message "Insufficient data to provide significant values", then this means that there isn't enough data captured in Flowbox to provide an accurate reading. This could be because you only just enabled your Checkout Script and you need to give it more time.

If you have waited over 24 hrs, we recommend looking over the visibility of your Flowbox Flows to ensure more impressions and engagement. Our Inspiration Toolbox (you need to be logged into Flowbox to view it) can be a great resource filled with tips & examples. Adding your Flows to product pages (PDP), and generally assessing Flow placement on the page is a good start.

My uplift numbers are over 100%, how is this possible?

Congratulations! This generally reflects a high click rate and good performance. Let's break it down a bit further.

  • Uplift over 100% - This means that more of your customers are purchasing a tagged product after clicking on the CTA/product button in a post, as compared to the customers purchasing a product after only viewing a post. Your CTA buttons are working well and your Flows are very 'clickable'. It also suggests that you are tagging multiple products (related products) in your posts, to encourage visitors to click.

  • Average Order Value Uplift over 100% - This shows that orders placed by customers who have interacted with your Flow(s) are higher in value than other orders. This can be due to the fact that you are tagging your most expensive products in your Flowbox content, encouraging sales on these items. It can also be because you are tagging multiple related products, inspiring cross-sells and up-sells.

  • Average Order Size Uplift over 100% - This shows that orders placed by customers who have interacted with your Flow(s) contain more line items than other orders. This could also be the result of tagging multiple products (related products) in your posts, motivating your customers to add more to their baskets.

Social Analytics

How often is the Social Analytics data updated?

We update the data once per day.

Why can’t I find one of my Instagram accounts in the account picker?

Make sure your account is connected to Flowbox by checking the listed accounts in your company settings. If not, reconnect your social media accounts and make sure you include the missing account.

Why can't I add my personal Instagram account to Social Analytics?

Personal Instagram accounts, regardless of public or private ones, can’t be added as a social profile in Flowbox since we use the Instagram Graph API which only provides data for Business and Creator Instagram accounts.

What is the difference between 'Previous period' and 'Previous year' options in the date picker?

When selecting the time period via the date picker, you are able to choose whether you want to compare the data to the previous period or the same period last year.

For example: Let’s suppose it’s Monday 19th of October today. If you were to look at Last 7 days as your time period and compare it to Previous period we would compare the selected period's data (12/10/2020 - 19/10/2020) to the same length of period before that (5/10 - 12/10). If you instead were to compare it to Previous year we would compare this period’s data (12/10/2020 - 19/10/2020) to the same period last year (12/10/2019 - 19/10/2019).

Why am I redirected to the account tab in company settings when trying to connect my Instagram account through Social Insights?

This occurs when someone other than you has previously connected your brand's business social accounts to Flowbox, as only one connection is permitted. Ensure that the same person administers the verification via Social Insights, or reconnect the entire connection.

Why don't I have any historical Follower growth data?

We start collecting your Follower growth data from the day you connect your account.

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