Setting up Email Assets in Voyado

Distribute inspiring and authentic product or theme-specific user generated content in your Voyado email marketing campaigns.

Written by Davy Laudet
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For all you Voyado users out there, this guide will show you how to embed your Flowbox Email Assets in your emails to enhance your personalized, product-specific email campaigns!

First of all, if you're not familiar with how to set up an Email Asset, it's a good idea to read this general article first.

What are Flowbox Email Assets?

Email Assets are a set of dynamic images and links that enable you to create more authentic emails that incorporate the freshest user generated content (UGC) you have collected and moderated in Flowbox.

Note: Email Assets is offered as an add-on service. If you want to activate this feature, please contact your CSM to discuss your plan.

Embedding the email assets in Voyado

Once your email asset is created in Flowbox, you can now log into Voyado and input the links.

​​When you log in to Voyado, find your abandoned cart automation and edit the email.

Add your ESP identifier

You can add your product identifier to the ‘ESP’ section in Flowbox in order to generate your links. You will only need to find and add this information once. You can also manually add this identifier directly into the links if you want.


Next, drag and drop an image placeholder into your email template, and then insert the image and URL links in the fields on the right, as shown below.

For questions about setting your abandoned cart automation or emails, talk to your Voyado CSM.

Preview and test

Once your links are added, you instantly get a preview of the Flowbox Email Assets.

We also strongly recommend testing your abandoned cart email.

Flowbox Email Assets work well in abandoned cart emails, but can also be used to enrich other campaigns including order confirmation, complete the look, etc.

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