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How To Moderate Your Reviews?
How To Moderate Your Reviews?

A guide on how to publish or reject reviews of your customers

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After customers submit reviews in the Product Review Form, you have to moderate them to decide which reviews to publish on your website.

The Moderation Card

The moderation card is made up of 3 sections:

Side Bar

The sidebar is located on the left side of the review card. It contains details about the product and the customer and their status ( Verified user or Unverified ).

Review Card

The Review Card contains all the main review information including the rating, title, and text as well as the Profanity alert.

Action Bar

The toolbar is located on the right side of the review card. It contains actions that can be taken on the review, you can control the statuses of reviews and you can reject or publish the reviews.

If you publish a review, it will be shown publicly in the Review Widgets, otherwise, it won't be visible on your website.

The reviews have one of the following statuses:

  • Pending: No action has been taken by the moderator and it requires attention. A pending review is not visible in your Review Widgets.

  • Published: The review is approved to be published and is currently visible in your on your website if you have implemented a Review Widget.

  • Rejected: The review is rejected and won’t be visible on your website.

You can decide whether to display or reject a specific review in your widget. However, even if you choose to reject (hide) a review, it will still be included in the total number of reviews and the average value of ratings.

How to moderate the reviews

STEP 1: Go to 'Ratings & Reviews'.

STEP 2: Click 'Reviews' under Moderate to view the list of 'Pending' reviews.

STEP 3: Decide whether to publish or reject each review.

  • Click the green 'Publish' button to approve a review to show up in the widgets.

  • Click the red 'Reject' button to hide it from the widgets.

STEP 4: You can modify your decision on each review anytime. Use the filters to view 'All', 'Pending', 'Published', or 'Rejected' reviews, and change your selection on the Publish/Reject buttons on the right.

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