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Pre-Approval Moderation of Collected Content
Pre-Approval Moderation of Collected Content

A guide on how to pre-approve a post in your Flow before the final approval

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When moderating collected content in your Inbox, you can have the option of pre-approve beside approve and reject.

This feature allows you to assign someone (a junior employee) from your company to review and pre-approve the collected content. Following that, someone else (a supervisor) can quickly check the pre-approved posts and approve the final content that will be displayed on your website.

If you currently don't have the pre-approval option in your Flowbox dashboard and would like to use it, please contact your Customer Success Manager to enable it in your profile.

How to pre-approve a collected post?

1. Go to the Inbox of any Flow.

2. Click on the grey thumbs-up button below the collected post to pre-approve that post.

If you use pre-approval moderation, you users with "Moderator" rights can only see the grey thumbs-up buttons for pre-approval and are not able to use the green thumbs-up button to approve a post directly. Only "Admin" users can approve posts that will be displayed in the Flows.

This is how a "Moderator" user sees the platform when pre-approval is used:

3. Alternatively, when you click on a post, you can find the same grey thumbs-up button in the popup window. You can pre-approve a post with this button as well.

4. After selecting the pre-approve option on a collected post, it is moved to the Pre-approved tab. From here, the post can be approved or rejected the same way as in the regular moderation process.

How to pre-approve multiple posts in bulk

1. Select multiple posts by clicking on the checkbox for each post. A purple bar will appear at the bottom of the screen.

2. Click on the pre-approve option in the bar below. This will move all selected posts to the Pre-approved tab.

How to revert the pre-approval of a post

This option is useful if a post was pre-approved and you wish to move it back to the Inbox.

1. Go to the Pre-approved tab in any Flow.

2. Click the post on which you would like to undo the pre-approval.

3. Click the curved arrow button to revert the pre-approved status of this post. This will move back the selected post to the Inbox.

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