After activating a Source to your Flow, it will start collecting the content. Go to 'Moderate' in the left side menu and click on the Flow you have activated a Source for. You will now end up in the Inbox of that specific Flow. Here you will find all of the content Flowbox collects from that particular Source or Sources. 

Click on a post to open the 'Manage Post' module in order to work on that specific post. 

Overview - here you will see the overview of the post, including the caption and Instagram poster.

Distribute - this gives you the power to distribute the post to another Flow. If you for example also want to use the post in your Community Flow, you can easily "send" it to your Community Flow using the Distribute function. If you distribute the post from the Inbox of Flow A, it will end up in the Inbox of Flow B. So the easiest way to use Distribute is by distributing  from your Approved tab.

Commerce (depends on package) - this function gives you two possibilities. With the integration of a Google Shopping feed, you will be able to tag the post with products. Use the search bar to search for either a product name or product ID. You can add up to 20 products to a post. You are also able to add a CTA button to the post, for example a link to a new collection, blog etc. The possibilities are endless!

Engage (depends on package) - you can ask for permission from the poster to use his/hers post from here. Select a pre made template to use (you create templates by clicking on 'Engage' in the left menu > 'Templates' > 'Create Template'). When you have selected a template, click on 'Copy to clipboard' and then 'Open Post'. A new tab will open in your browser directing you to the post on Instagram. Post the comment by using Ctrl+V (on PC) or CMD (⌘)+V (on Mac). Close the Instagram tab and click on 'I have posted the request'. When the poster has commented with the hashtag you chose, the post will get the status 'Granted' and, if activated, automatically approve the post to your Flow.

To approve a post you want to use in your Flow, just click on the Approve button (1). If you do not want to use a post, click Reject (2).

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