After activating a source to your Flow, it will immediately start collecting content.

To view this content, log into Flowbox and click on 'Moderate' in the left side menu and click your Flow.

You will now end up in the Inbox of that specific Flow, where you can pick out the best content.

How to approve and reject content ✅

When in the inbox of a Flow, you'll see all of the posts that the Flow has collected.

Content is stored in your Inbox for 30 days to give you ample time for moderation. Rejected posts are stored for 14 days, then are permanently deleted due to GDPR restrictions. An approved post is stored in Flowbox as long as it is distributed in an active Flow.

Approve: To approve a post in your Flow, click on the green thumbs-up icon. The post will now end up in the 'Approved' tab and will be visible in the Flow.

Reject: To reject a post, click on the red thumbs-down icon. The post will now end up in the 'Rejected' tab.

Bulk approve/reject

Want to approve or reject several posts at once? Click on the check box for each post and a blue bar will appear at the bottom of your screen. From here, you can either approve or reject all of the selected posts at once.

Distribute posts

Have you found a post that you want to be shown in more than one of your Flows? In that case you can Distribute that post, meaning it will show up in more than one place. Here's how to do that:

  1. Click on a post to open the 'Manage Post' box.

  2. Click on the 'Distribute' tab.

  3. Select one or more Flows where you want the post to be distributed to.

  4. Click on 'Add'.

  5. The post has now been distributed to your selected Flows!

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