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Website Analytics: Influencers

A guide to the Flowbox website analytics - Influencers breakdown

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The Influencers tab in Analytics enables you to track the content coming from the influencers and partners that you have registered as Whitelisted users.

Here you will be able to see which posts from your Whitelisted users are performing the best, allowing you to measure and learn which Influencer profiles are a good match for your brand.

Accessing Influencers Breakdown

  1. Select the 'Analytics' menu from the left-hand side in your Flowbox Account.

  2. Click on 'Influencers'.

Dashboard interface

Explanation of the platform:

  1. Time period: Select the time period for which you want to see the analytics data.

  2. Download report: Download Performance Report, Product Coverage or Historical Data in CSV format.

  3. Top Influencers: List of the Influencers with highest Impressions (numbers of visitors who visited the post in a Flow). Influencers are accounts that have been whitelisted, and the metrics associated to their content collected.

  4. Detailed view of the list of Top Influencers: Here you can see the details of the Evangelist profile, a link to the original social media profile and the number of posts collected from that user. The list can be sorted by impressions, engagement rate, conversions and revenue.

The difference between the list of Top Influencers and Top Evangelists is that the Influencers page will only display the accounts that have been added to the whitelisted users.

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