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How to configure a sequence to send a post purchase Email ?
How to configure a sequence to send a post purchase Email ?

A Guide On How to Configure a sequence to automatically send a post purchase review request Email.

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We have two sequence templates, which are at the core of the Post Purchase Review Collection. These templates are automated workflows or sequences of emails that will be sent out to customers at specific times based on purchase events to maximize the chances of getting reviews.

To add this Premium feature to your Flowbox account, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Login to your Flowbox Account.

STEP 1: Click 'Ratings and Reviews'.

STEP 2: Click 'Sequences' Under Automate.

STEP 3: Choose your preferred template and Click 'View'.

Step 4: Configure your sequence.

When you access the page for customizing the sequence template, you will be presented with a preview of how the sequence will work on the right side of the screen, along with customizable options on the left.

  1. Wait time to send review request: This sets the waiting from to send the review request Email when the purchase is fulfilled.

  2. Wait time to send Reminder : This sets the waiting to send a reminder from when the first review request is send.

  3. Recipients: You can exclude specific Users from the review collection process.

  4. Products: You can exclude specific products from the review collection process.

  5. Email Template: Design Your Product Review Request Email Template.

Step 5: Start the sequence.

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