How to tag posts

How to tag posts in Flowbox

Written by Davy Laudet
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Use tags to either help you when filtering on content or to build custom Flows based on specific tags.

Tag your posts 🏷

1. Log into Flowbox and open your Flow.

2. Click on the post that you want to tag.

3. Click on the tag icon in the top-right corner.

4. Enter your tag text – this means that this post will now be searchable by this tag.

To see these steps in action, take a look at the video below.

Tag multiple posts at one time

1. In your Flow inbox, select multiple posts by clicking in the bottom-left check box.

2. In the blue bar at the bottom of the page, you will see the option 'Add Tags'.

3. Now you can tag all of these images at the same time.

4. Success! You've tagged all of these posts.

  • You can add multiple tags to one post.

  • You can bulk-add tags to several posts at once.

  • A good example of a Flow organized by tags is IKEA.

Auto-tag posts by username

Do you want to create a Dynamic Tag Flow based on influencers/content creators like how fashion brand ZEB has done with their #ZEBSquad? You can easily do so thanks to the Flowbox whitelisted user feature.

1. Go into your Settings menu.

2. Click on 'Tags'.

3. Toggle on the 'Add Whitelisted usernames as tags' button.

4. All your previously and newly collected posts from whitelisted users will be automatically tagged with the username of the content creator. πŸš€

You can now create a Dynamic Tag Flow using the username of the content creator.

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