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Learn how to find and update your company settings

Written by Davy Laudet
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It's very easy to find, change and update your company settings in Flowbox.

To find the menu, first log into Flowbox and click on the 'Settings' (cogwheel) menu in the bottom-left corner.

You will then see the full 'Settings' menu, shown below:

Let's go through each setting one by one! 😎

Company settings


Here, you can update your company address and your username. You can also upload a company logo (.jpg or .png/optimal size: 120x120px).


Click here to invite new users and manage their user role (permissions).


This is where you connect your official social media accounts. As a best practice, we recommend connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts so that you can collect content to your Flows. You can add other social media accounts and pages later.


Here you can view all your tags (that you have added to posts in the Moderation stage), and rename, delete and merge them.

User settings


This is where you can update your personal details (name, email and job title).


This is where you can change your password.


Privacy policy

This takes you to Flowbox's Privacy policy.

Terms of service

This takes you to Flowbox's Terms of service.

If you've got a Multi Company Account, you can access these settings for each company.

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