Implementing UGC DPA in Smartly

Optimize user generated content in your Smartly dynamic product ads

Written by Davy Laudet
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If you are running advertising campaigns via Smartly, you have the opportunity to generate a Flowbox UGC DPA feed to optimize user-generated content in this advertising space.

If you're new to UGC DPA, please read our introduction to UGC DPA to learn more about this feature.

Set up your UGC DPA catalog for Smartly

1. Log in to Flowbox, click on the 'Commerce' menu, and click the 'UGC DPA' tab.

2. Click on 'Generate Catalog'.

3. Type an appropriate name for the catalog (e.g. Smartly UGC DPA Catalog), select Facebook as your channel, and insert your original RSS XML/CSV feed you want modified.

4. Apply the desired settings, according to your wishes, and click on 'Next'. You will now see a link to your feed, which you can copy to your clipboard and import in Smartly.

G-Star RAW case study

Want to see how the Flowbox UGC DPA solution has helped transform G-Star RAW's online campaigns? Read the case study here.

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