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Written by Davy Laudet
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What are the size limits for uploading content to the Flowbox Library?

You can upload unlimited images and video files to the Library. But we have some limitations on individual files:

  • Photos: .jpeg or .png format

  • Video: .mp4 or .mov format, max 100MB

Where can I find my Rights Granted content in Flowbox?

All content that you have been granted the rights to, via the Rights Request feature (this included content from your whitelisted users) is automatically stored in the Moderated Content folder in Library.

Is there some way to export content from the Flowbox Library?

It is possible to download your Flowbox content. Simply click on your post and then click on the download arrow button to save a copy. At this time it is not possible to download folders in bulk.

Photo Editor

Can I upload my own logo/designs as stickers to use in Flowbox?

Yes! You can upload your own designs in the Photo Editor tool and then add them as stickers on top of your content. There is also a selection of preexisting stickers available.

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