Implementing UGC DPA in Facebook
Written by Chantal van den Berg
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Firstly, it's a good idea to read our introduction to UGC DPA, to learn more about this feature.

Secondly, before you go ahead and generate your first feed, have a read of this walk-through of the default settings as well as the optional settings.

Set up your UGC DPA catalog for Facebook

  1. Log in to Flowbox and click on the 'Commerce' menu and click the 'UGC DPA' tab.

  2. Click on 'Generate Catalog'.

  3. Type an appropriate name for the catalog (e.g. Facebook UGC DPA Catalog), select Facebook as your channel, and insert your original RSS XML/CSV feed you want modified.

  4. Apply the desired settings, according to your wishes, and click on 'Next'. You will now see a link to your feed, which you can copy to your clipboard and import in Facebook.

Create your dynamic product ads in Facebook

  1. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager

  2. Go to 'Commerce Manager'

  3. Click on 'Add Catalog'

  4. Click on 'Ecommerce' and click on 'Next'

  5. Add the 'Catalog Owner', add a 'Catalog Name' and click on 'Create'

  6. Click on 'View Catalog'

  7. Click on 'Add Items' under 'Catalog'

  8. Choose 'Data feed' and click on 'Next'

  9. Choose 'Yes' to the question 'Are you ready to upload your spreadsheet or file?' and click on 'Next'

  10. Choose 'Use a URL', paste the URL that you've generated in Flowbox and click on 'Next'

  11. Set schedule on 'Hourly' and click on 'Next'

  12. Click on 'Save Feed and Upload'

  13. Done!

Troubleshoot errors

If you encounter issues while implementing UGC DPA in Facebook, we recommend you to check Facebook's official documentation where you may find the reason of your error:

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