WordPress plugin guide: Enabling the Checkout script

A guide on how to enable the Checkout script in the Flowbox plugin for WordPress with WooCommerce

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By activating the Flowbox Checkout script on your e-commerce site, you will be able to track and measure KPIs including your conversion rate, assisted order share, and your sales directly attributable to Flowbox. You can read more about our Commerce insights and analytics here.

Using our Flowbox plugin for WordPress with WooCommerce, you can enable the Checkout script on your WordPress website with only one click.

Before you begin

The first step is making sure that you fulfill these requirements:

  • You have the Commerce product enabled and a product list uploaded to Flowbox.

  • You have collected posts with products connected in the Flowbox dashboard.

  • You have the Checkout Script API Key. Ask your Customer Success Manager about this.

Enabling the Checkout script

Make sure to have the Flowbox plugin for WordPress with WooCommerce installed and activated on your WordPress page. If you don't have it yet, check the Installation guide first.

1. If you already have the Flowbox plugin installed, go to your WordPress dashboard, and click the 'Flowbox' option on the sidebar to get to the Flowbox plugin's admin page.

2. To activate the Checkout script in your store, click the 'Enable Checkout Script' button.

3. In the popup window, add your Flowbox API key.

4. Add the identifier that you use in your product catalog. Make sure to choose the same identifier used on the import of your product catalogs to Flowbox.

5. Click 'Configure'.

Now your Checkout script is fully configured.

Disabling the Checkout script

1. To disable the Checkout script, navigate to the Flowbox plugin admin page.

2. Click the 'Disable Checkout Script' button.

This will stop collecting Checkout data on your page.

You can enable or disable the Checkout script anytime from your Flowbox plugin admin page.

Verifying the Checkout script

Once embedded, we strongly recommend that you carry out a test order to verify the connection. Once the test order has been placed, you will need to wait for 24hrs to see if the purchase has been registered in Flowbox. You should see data registered in your Commerce Insights menu.

Make sure that the ID used in the Checkout script corresponds to the product catalogs in your Flowbox account. Any mismatches will lead to an error.

How to check that the ID corresponds to the product catalogs?

Navigate to your Flowbox account -> Go to the Catalogs tab (under Commerce tab) -> click the meatball (three-dot) menu next to your feed labeled as ‘primary’ feed -> Click Edit.

In the “Edit Catalog” window, check the applied Category identifier and make sure that the check-out script sends the value of the same attribute in products: line of our check-out script.

Don't add any "" or '' in the products: line. Keep it similar to what is stated earlier in this article. Any syntax error can negatively impact the script.

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