Post Purchase Emails

Here's a quick guide to sending an automated Email after purchase and requesting the customer to write a review.

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Post-purchase emails are typically automated messages sent to customers shortly after they've made a purchase. These emails ask about their experience with your product (or service ). Requesting reviews from customers after a purchase increases the likelihood of getting more detailed and accurate feedback. Furthermore, by collecting reviews from verified buyers, you can increase the credibility of your reviews, reducing the risk of fake or spammy feedback.

To add this Premium feature to your Flowbox account, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Step 1 - Make sure we receive the Purchase information.

First, you need to Implement the Checkout script.

Step 2 - (optional) Configure the emails that Flowbox may send to customers on your behalf.

Step 3 - Design Product Review Request Email Template

Third, you need to design and style the Product Review Request Email Template to match your brand guidelines.

Step 4 - Configure The wait Time after the Purchase is fulfilled.

Finally, you need to configure the waiting time for sequences and when they need to be sent out.

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