How to create a Flow

Create, activate and collect content to a Flowbox Flow

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Create a new Flow

It's easy to get started with Flowbox Flows. Follow this step-by-step guide to get started:

1. Log into Flowbox and click on 'Flows' in the left-hand menu.

2. Click on the blue 'Create Flow' button.

3. A box will now appear where you can choose the type of Flow that you want to create. You can choose either a:

  • Static Flow
    A Static Flow reflects exact content on your page, typically used for a home page/InstaShop, etc. where you want to have full control over the content and its order.

  • Dynamic Product Flow
    A Dynamic Product Flow has been designed for product pages and serves content dynamically based on a product.

  • Dynamic Tag Flow
    A Dynamic Tag Flow serves content dynamically based on tags added in Flowbox. These types of Flows are ideal for category pages, landing pages, or for creating Flows with filter buttons.

4. Once you click 'Next', you will be prompted to give your Flow a name. We recommend that you name your Flow after where it is/will be placed on your website, e.g. "Home page", so that it's easy to identify.

5. Click on the blue 'Create Flow' button to create the Flow.

6. Success! Your Flow has now been created and will appear in the list.

Recategorize existing Flows

If you have Flows that were created before 13 October 2021, then you will have to manually choose a Flow type for them from the main Visual Marketing > Flows menu. Simply click on the meatball (three-dot) menu next to your Flow and in the drop-down menu click on 'Edit' to access the Flow type options.

Please note: editing a Flow type can only be carried out by users with Admin permissions. Learn more about user permissions here.

Next steps

Continue to these articles explaining how you add Sources in order to collect content to your Flows.

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