Create a new Flow

Start by going to 'Moderate' and click on the blue 'Create Flow' button. We recommend you name your Flow after where it is/will be placed on your website, e.g. "Home page", so it is easy to identify.

Connect a Source

Make sure you have connected your Social Media accounts in order to add a Source

It is now time to connect a Source to your Flow. A source is, for example, a hashtag or a user you wish to collect content from. 

Click on the cog wheel next to the Flow you just created to access the Setup&Styling section.

Click on 'ADD SOURCE' and chose which social media platform you wish to add a source for. 

When you have picked the platform you wish to collect content from, for example Instagram, you need to define what type of source it is. For Instagram, you are able to use either hashtag, user name, mention, photo tag and/or geo location. You can add several sources from multiple platforms on the same Flow.

Note: You need a Facebook Business and Instagram Business account to be able to collect content using @mentions and photo tags. 

Define the source you want to collect from and hit 'SAVE'. Your Flow will now start to collect content 🎉

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