You might have an idea of how you are going to work with Flowbox, but it's always good to look outside of your comfort zone to grow new amazing ideas. Therefore, we've put together a buffet of inspiration with best practices from our other customers. Remember to have a look at these examples from both desktop and mobile.

On website

Home page: Welcome new customers with authentic and inspirational content with a Flow on your home page - and decrease bounce rate by 53% like Dotcom Canvas and Pimkie.

Product page: Show user generated content on your product page - works as social proof and as inspiration for other customers how they can use the product. Expect an increase of 10-30% in conversion like Bubbleroom and Layered did.

Category pages: Increase product discovery and help customers make better decisions through authentic content on category pages like Ikea and Lucardi. 👀

Shop Instagram: Mirror your Instagram on your website and monetize your content by reducing the distance from discovery to purchase like NA-KD and Qualipet do.

Inspiration and #Community page: Increase time spent on site by 90% and repeat visits by 20% when featuring your customers on a community page like Scotch & Soda and Oxybul do. ⌛

Other channels

Email marketing: Enrich your newsletters with UGC like Elodie Details are doing - inspire your customers, build your community and drive traffic to the website at the same time.

Instagram feed: Reposting content from your customers on your own channels is often the key to lift your engagement rate and build your community. Aargau Tourismus is a great example of this. 🌟

Instagram Stories: What do you do when you have too much UGC and don't want to spam your followers in the news feed? You create a concept on Instagram Stories 100% based on user generated content, as Royal Design or MontiShop have done with their permanent highlight stories. This saves time for the Social Media Manager, gives your followers more inspiration, builds your community and drives traffic to your website. Win-win! 🎉

Use your own content: Display your own branded content in your Flows and easily inspire your customers with exclusive content. Check out how Jules and Vertbaudet are mastering our create post function!

Let your ambassadors shine: They have a strong impact on your customers’ purchase decisions. Showcase their favorite products and increase conversion rate through dedicated “Influencer Top Picks” Flows. See how Protein Bolaget and Rapala are doing it.

After reading this, we bet that you are more excited than ever to create your own Flows. Let's get you a little bit closer to that step by explaining how to create a Flow!

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