After you’ve installed our extension, head over to Instagram and find a post you’d like to collect. Haven't installed our Chrome extension yet? Go to this article and start there.

The Flowbox logo in your extensions bar should activate when visiting

1. Pick a Flow

Start off with choosing which flow you wish to send posts to using the Flowbox Chrome extension. 

  1. Click on the Flowbox logo in your extensions bar
  2. Open the drop-down menu ‘Select flow...’
  3. Pick which flow you want to send posts to
  4. Click ‘Save’

2. Time to start collecting posts!

When you open a post on, you should now see the Flowbox logo in the upper right corner of the image. 

Click on the Flowbox logo and choose what you want to do with the post.

Send a Rights Request

  1. Click on the hammer icon
  2. Pick a Rights Request template, the template will automatically be copied to your clipboard
  3. Paste the template in the comment-field and just hit enter. 
  4. The icon will now go green indicating that the Rights Request has been sent, and the post has the status "Pending" in your Flowbox account.

Be advised: The Rights Request will be sent from the account you're logged in with on, also make sure you have your Instagram account connected as a @mentions source to a Flow.

Add posts directly to a Flow

Adding the post directly to your Flow is a breeze. Just hit the plus icon and the post will be added to your Flow. Easy peasy! The icon will go green to indicate that the post has been added directly to your flow.

'Post collected' status

If you open a post on Instagram and it has a green checkmark it indicates that the post has already been collected to your Flowbox account. Move on to the next post! 😏

Carousel posts

Collecting carousel posts from Instagram is not possible at the moment. However, if you want to collect a carousel post, send a Rights Request! Once the user has answered your Rights Request with your mention and key-hashtag, the complete carousel will be collected to your flow 👌

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