After you’ve installed our extension, head over to Instagram and find a post you’d like to send a Rights Request for. Haven't installed our Chrome extension yet? Go to this article and start there.

The Flowbox logo in your extensions bar should activate when visiting

Time to start sending Rights Requests!

Follow these steps to send Rights Requests with our Chrome Extension:

1. Open a post on Instagram and right-click in the comment filed of the post.

2. Click on 'Select Template' and pick a template you wish to post.

3. Click on 'Post' to post your template as a comment.

4. All we need to do now is to wait for the Instagram user to approve your request 🎉

5. The post will not be collected in your Flowbox account until the Instagram user has granted you permission.

Be advised: The Rights Request will be sent from the account you're logged in with on, also make sure you have your Instagram account connected as a @mentions source to a Flow.

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