Can I create an Instagram story in Flowbox?

Yes, you can! Check out this guide.

Can I auto publish content to Instagram?

Yes! Instagram has made a change in their API and you can now schedule single image and video posts in Flowbox and have it automatically publish directly to Instagram.

Are the same post supported accepted for Pinterest and Instagram?`
The short answer is: it depends! We've made a handy guide with all the different post formats that are supported in each social media channel! We hope you like it.

I want to create a post in Flowbox and save it, without scheduling it. Is this possible?

Absolutely! You can create post drafts in Flowbox and then return to your drafts and finish the posts at a later date.

I am getting a 'failed to notify' error in Publish, what am I doing wrong?

The 'failed to notify' error can be caused by a few different things. We've created a separate troubleshooting guide to help you in this instance.

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