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Some of our most frequently asked questions

Written by Davy Laudet
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Where can I see a list of Flowbox's integration partners?

The full list is available on our website. We are constantly adding new partnerships to add value to our platform and make your work easier.

Does Flowbox have a public API?

Yes, Flowbox has an API that allows our clients to build their own UGC integration on their websites and applications.

Is Flowbox integrated with Google Analytics?

You can send analytics events generated by your Flows to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), helping you understand how users interact with your Flows.


Can I collect Instagram content based on geographical tags?

You can search Instagram for content based on geographical tags (location) and then use the Flowbox Chrome extension to send Rights Requests to Instagram users.

Email marketing

How can I ensure that my embedded Flow in email is responsive?

In the Email Flow settings, you can change the width to be set as either in pixels (px) or as a percentage (%) value. We recommend using '100%' as it will make the email Flow responsive.

​Do you have any examples of good email marketing campaigns utilizing Flowbox?

Our Inspiration Toolbox (you need to be logged in to view it) is full of good examples and tips.


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