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Written by Davy Laudet
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Flowbox supports both image and video posts, and we love to see clients use a mix of both. It's easy to create a Custom Video Flow, where you can upload video content, add tags and products, and distribute online.

Inspiration - Custom Video Flow

We love this example from Sneakers Point, where an effective Custom Video Post is used on a campaign page.

How to create a Custom Video Flow

1. Create a new Flow for your Custom Video content.

2. When in the Flow, click on 'Create Post' in the top-right corner.

3. A new box will pop up. Give the post a username, or anything that you want to be visible instead of a username. NOTE: you cannot go back and edit this username.

4. Write a post caption.

5. Add an URL to an image to create a Profile Picture. NOTE: you cannot go back and edit this image.

6. Click on 'Choose Media' to open Library.

7. Select the video that you want, or upload a new one, and click on 'Insert'.

The maximum upload size for a video file in Flowbox is 100 MiB = 104,9 MB.

8. Click on 'Create Post'.

9. You can now tag products shown in this video,

10. Approve this Custom Video post in your Flow.

11. Embed your Custom Video Flow on your website.

12. Remember to track the results in our Insights tool!

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