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How to manage media within a carousel pos

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Moderating carousel posts just got easier with our media management feature. Here's what you can do with it and how to use it:

What is carousel moderation?

Carousel moderation, also known as media management, empowers you to control all media within a single post, such as Instagram carousel posts. With this feature, you can seamlessly hide specific media items from a carousel within your embedded solution and choose a thumbnail for the post.

What can you do with media management?

1. Hide Media: Conceal one or multiple media items that are irrelevant to your brand. For instance, if a creator shares a carousel with images that don't align with your brand, you can hide them while keeping the relevant ones visible.

2. Set Thumbnail: Choose which media item will serve as the thumbnail for the post. This thumbnail will be displayed on the widget and will be the first thing users see when clicking on the post.

How to manage media in a carousel?

Once the feature is activated, a new tab called "Media Management" will appear on the right-side panel of a carousel post. Please note that the tab will only be visible to you if the feature is activated and if the post is a carousel. Within the Media Management tab, you can:

Navigate through media: Click on each media item to see it displayed on the left side of the modal.

Show/Hide Media: Use the eye icon to toggle media visibility. Hidden media will be displayed with a white lightbox. Note that at least one media item must always be visible.

Set Media as Thumbnail: Click on the empty circle icon to designate a media item as the thumbnail. Thumbnail media is marked with a "V" icon and a green lightbox. Remember, only one media item can be set as the thumbnail of a post.

How Carousel Posts Integrate with Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) and Email Assets

After moderation in the media management tab, carousel posts adhere to the same conditions applied to User-Generated Content (UGC) Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) and email assets. If a carousel post meets the criteria for DPA or email asset inclusion (e.g., it features products tagged from catalogs), it will be included in the corresponding ad campaign.

Please be aware that DPA and email assets do not support video content. Therefore, any video media within the carousel post will not be included in these campaigns.

For UGC DPA campaigns, only image media set to "show" will be included. Video or hidden media will not be added. Additionally, if you have enabled the option "In carousel posts, only include the first image of post" in UGC DPA settings modal (as image below), only the image designated as the thumbnail will be incorporated.

With these simple steps, you can efficiently manage and customize carousel posts to enhance user experience on your embedded solution.

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